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Item #: 708001
Description: Bend-A-Light
More Product Info: High intensity light tool with a flexible shaft which puts the light where you need it. The lens gives a brilliant, diffuse light which is ideal for illuminating the interior of violins or other instruments. Complete with extension cover and two batteries.

Item #: 708002
Description: Bend-A-Light Replacement Lamp
More Product Info: Replacement lamp for Bend-A-Light #708001.

Item #: 708004
Description: Bend-A-Light - Large
More Product Info: "Krypton Pro" large size Bend-A-Light for cellos & basses.

Item #: 708005
Description: Bend-A-Light Replacement Lamp for 708004
More Product Info: Replacement lamp for Bend-A-Light #708004 (Krypton Pro).

Item #: 708006
Description: Bend-A-Light Replacement Switch
More Product Info: Fits both sizes of Bend-A-Light.

Item #: 708013
Description: Mini Bend-A-Light Pro
More Product Info: Mini Bend-A-Light Pro - 11".