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There are many reasons why Bobelock cases are the most popular cases throughout the United States. Bobelock cases are consistently made using only the finest materials and workmanship to ensure that all cases are durable, functional and defect-free. Your instruments are always protected in a Bobelock case!

In addition to providing strong, durable cases, Bobelock Case Company has listened to their customers' feedback and created a full-range case line that caters to every player's desires and needs. Bobelock consistently provides well-made and stylish cases for both the student and virtuoso players.

What Makes Bobelock "America's Greatest Case Value"?

Since 1901, Bobelock cases have been manufactured with great skill, perfect attention to detail, and the finest materials.

While Bobelock has perfected the time-honored traditions of case manufacturing, they have also incorporated new techniques in case construction to ensure that all their cases are consistently functional, durable, and stylish.

The consistent durability of Bobelock cases means your instruments are secure and protected, year after year.

Bobelock sources the finest materials from around the world, including the USA!

• The perfectly cut wood veneers come from North Carolina
• The latches are designed exclusively for Bobelock and are made in New Jersey
• The bow spinners are designed exclusively for Bobelock and are made in Maryland

Bobelock cases are allowed adequate time in the drying rooms, and they are thoroughly inspected on site in the Philippines before shipping to the U.S. Upon arrival, Howard Core Company will re-examine the cases to further ensure the highest level of quality.