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These finishing products are causing quite a stir among discerning luthiers and woodworking craftsmen.  Based upon the original recipes of the old Italian violin-makers, the 1700 System utilizes grounds to prepare the wood, then a special varnish used in tandem with its organic pigment glaze to give the wood a rich, beautiful finish.  Made in Spain.

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Since we do not finish instruments ourselves, our knowledge of techniques, formulas, etc. is necessarily “second hand” and we do not feel qualified to give advice. There are several excellent books on this subject which we can recommend and they are:

Violin Varnishes by Hammerl. They make the products!
Varnishes and the Most Curious Secrets. Cremona 1747. First English translation of this 1747 varnish recipe collection from Cremona.
Sections of Art and Method of the Violinmaker, Violinmakers Notebook, and Violin Making Step by Step books by Henry Strobel also contain worthwhile varnishing information (Violin Making Step By Step is a two volume set - our item #'s BOOKS109 & BOOKS110).

All these books, plus many more, are available from Howard Core Company. Please look in the book section of our website.

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