Why do I have to scroll down so far to see the page content?

Using the most recent version of your favorite browser will remedy this issue.

What can I purchase from this website?

All tools, books, bow parts, wood and finishing products on this website are available for purchase.

How do I purchase from this website?

Click the "Shop Online" link on the right side of your screen. Then select the category (tools, books, etc.) in which you are interested. Continue navigating with the links that are presented until you come to the item you're looking for, then click on the item number to view detailed information. If you want to purhcase the item, click the "Add To Cart" button. When you're ready to check out, click the "Secure Checkout" button and follow the directions on the screen to complete the purchase. All purchases must be made with an approved credit card.

Who does Howard Core Company LLC sell to?

Howard Core Company LLC is a wholesale and manufacturing company. We only sell our instruments, cases, bows, strings and accessories to retail dealers. However, anyone may purchase our tools, books, bow parts, wood and finishing products.

Where can I get the instruments, bows, cases, strings and accessories I see on this website?

Check with your Favorite Local Retailer! If they don't have the product you are looking for, ask them to contact us!

Can I become a Howard Core Company LLC dealer?

If you would like to be a Howard Core Company LLC retail dealer, email your business name, address and telephone number, along with your resale number and a contact name to info@howardcore.com.

Does this website use cookies?

Yes, the ecommerce software used on this website uses cookies. No information is saved or sent to us, though. The cookie is stored in your computer and only contains the information regarding your shopping cart, so that you may access the cart again, with the items you've placed in it, at a later date. We've got enough to do around here without trying to figure out your web-surfing habits, and don't even want to know!

What are cookies?

Web sites use cookies to simulate a continuous connection to that site. This makes it more convenient for users by allowing them to visit pages within a site without having to reintroduce themselves with each mouse click. Contrary to popular fears and misconceptions, cookies were not created to spy on or otherwise invade the privacy of Internet users. Cookies contain only information that users volunteer, and they do not have the capability of infiltrating a user's hard drive and sneaking away with personal information. The simple function of a cookie is that of helping the user navigate a web site with as little obstruction as possible. There is a great deal of information regarding cookies and their use available on the internet. The information contained here is from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookie

Is my sensitive information safe when I transmit it to Howard Core Company LLC during a purchase transaction?

Your credit card and personal information are absolutely safe when you send that information to us in the course of a purchase transaction. Our site uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, which is the industry standard. Once you have clicked to our "Secure Checkout" page, you will see a closed padlock in your browser, as well as a notice indicating that you are about to connect with a secure site.

Once we have received your information in our offices, rest assured that it is safeguarded on our premises, and only employees whose job it is to process the transaction have access to this information. Your privacy is important to us - we will never share your information with any third parties.

Why do the pictures take a long time to display?

Some of the file sizes are large, and take some time to download. We made them large intentionally, so that you can see as much detail as possible. None of the image files on this website (with maybe a couple exceptions) are larger than about 50K, so download times shouldn't be too long. If it takes longer than about ten of fifteen seconds to display any of the images on this site, then your carrier's telephone lines are probably very busy, and you might want to try again later!

Why doesn't the product I bought look the same as the one pictured on your website?

If the color doesn't look the same, this is most likely due to the fact that different monitors will display the same color differently. (Unless your monitor is calibrated exactly the same way as the one we used to produce this website, which isn't likely!)

Many of the products we sell, most notably instruments, may have small variations due to the fact that they are handmade. All photos on this site are representational, and should not be construed as being an EXACT depiction of the product in question. The only exception to this are those wood items that are identified as being the actual product available for purchase.