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La Bella Strings
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All La Bella double bass strings are hand made!
Elite Series Superior sets for a budget price, these chrome steel flat wound strings are fine for both arco and pizzicato playing.
Professional Series Recommended for classical music, these strings have an exceptional bow response. With an even tonal balance string to string and a great sustaining sonority, they also work well for all electric upright basses.
Goldentone First introduced in the 1940's, this type of string was especially popular for orchestral and big band music. Both the G and D strings are constructed of a smooth finished Tynex nylon wrap on a gut core. The lower basses have a chrome steel flat wound wrap on a steel rope core.
Supernil One of the best-selling sets since their introduction in 1962, Supernils are the strings for "slap" style used in rock, rock-a-billy, bluegrass, or country & western swing. These strings have a very flexible feel and produce a great sound.

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