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D'Addario Strings
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Golden Spiral

Made with a gut core, Kaplan Golden Spiral Solo strings are recommended for professional and serious musicians. Gut strings have the warmest sound, traditional to stringed instrument playing. The Golden Spiral Solo strings are gauge selected


Multi-Strand twisted steel core strings are superb for the advanced and professional players. The small string diameter provides quick bow response. Through special manufacturing techniques, the Helicore strings have a warm, clear sound with excellent pitch stability and longevity.

Kaplan Solutions

The Non-Whistling E String for violin is specifically designed to eliminate the whistling sound sometimes heard when the open E string is played while crossing from a lower string, and produces a sweet, warm, rich tone that blends well with the lower strings. A free ball-end adapter is included with the Kaplan Solutions Non-Whistling E String to allow installation on instruments equipped with a single hook-type (loop-end) E-string fine tuner.

A solid steel core string that is excellent for students and amateur players. A durable string that is not affected by temperature and humidity changes. Prelude strings are bright, without the shrill sound of traditional steel strings, and are easy to bow.

Nylon core strings, which are exceptional strings for serious students and amateur players. The Pro-Arté strings have a warm sound, are less sensitive to humidity and temperature changes, and break in quickly.

Zyex is a new generation of synthetic material, tremendous for professional players. It was created to be stable for drastic climatic conditions and settles in very fast, within a matter of hours. Zyex has a warmer sound than other synthetic strings.

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