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Corelli Strings
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Although wound on a nylon core, Corelli Crystal strings position in the top-of-the-range product thanks to the STABILON multifilament specially elaborated to provide the optimum characteristics of elasticity and elongation necessary for the manufacturing of strings for bowed instruments. Our know-how has allowed us to develop a very high quality wound on nylon string that offers a classic sound and does not have the usual nylon sound, a sound which is a bit hard and aggressive. We managed to give these strings a natural warm and nevertheless rich tone.

The nylon we use is obtained from a very special molecule. It is subject to special treatments exclusive to Corelli which provide it with the best characteristics. As a result the strings offer the best sounding qualities, which distinguish these strings and give them an outstanding personality as well a high quality of playing.

Regular research and work focused on each quality of the string, regularly lead to improvements without changing the acoustic qualities of the string. Recent discoveries now enable us to present significant improvements of the reliability and life span. The reports we receive confirm the achievement of our research undertaken with the help of the musicians.

Alliance Vivace

...two and a half centuries of experience, the requests and advice of great soloists, the intensive research of Savarez…and, a prerequisite for achieving success, the development of high tech machinery adapted to our standard requirements...

Today, the most beautiful tribute paid to us is that from the musicians who were able to judge for themselves.

New playing and auditory sensations:
  • - A very fast and accurate response under bow action in pianissimi, fortissimi, spiccato, sautillĂ©, staccato passages...
  • - Increased possibilities for nuances under the slightest bow pressure
  • - An easy emission in all the positions, which offers maximum comfort and reliability
  • - A perfectly defined elasticity and stiffness which generate depth, density of sound and give the feeling of volume
  • - A rich and clear sound in all the positions all the way up the fingerboard
  • - A perfect balance of sound throughout the instrument range, with an easy transition from string to string.
The secret
  • - The alliance of exclusive High-tech materials : a composite multifilament core wrapped with a combination of sophisticated metal wires
  • - Highly reliable accuracy of the manufacturing process guaranteed by laser control
  • - Specific training of workers over several years

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