We are pleased to offer AcuraMeister premium sring instrument fittings in Ebony, Boxwood, and Rosewood.

Sets are also available in Tintul, Snakewood and Horn, with trim made from Ebony, Boxwood, Tintul, Horn and Bone.

Ever part and every set embodies classical elegance, meticulous precision, and unmatched value.

Insight Endpin - Without disturbing the setup, the InSight Violin Portal Endpin provides the luthier or player an easy way to examine the angle and fit the soundpost, as well as other interior details.

Allows for a safe, convenient insertion of a Borescope for more intensive examination. The InSight Portal Endpin is available in Ebony, Boxwood, Rosewood, Snakewood and in all AcuraMeister styles and tapers.