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Item #: A104
Description: Liuteria Italiana, Dell Ottocento E Del Novocento (Italian Violin Making in the 19th & 20th Centuries)
1988, 344 pp, photos, illustrations. English & Italian.

Item #: A105
Description: Liuteria Italiana Inedita (Unpublished Italian Violinmakers)
1991, 370 pp., photos, illustrations. English & Italian.

Item #: A107
Description: Antonio Stradivari, Reports and Documents
First translation into English of 1937 work. 1999.

Item #: A109
Description: Count Cozio of Salabue
Violin making and collecting in Piedmont.

Item #: A110
A comprehensive survey tracing the development and art of violin and bow making in America. Standard Edition. 328 pp.

Item #: B121
Description: La Casa Nuziale
English - 1962.

Item #: B131
Description: Francesco Bissolotti
Softcover, larger format. Italian and English. Very informative text about this Cremona maker, with beautiful color photography of many instruments, tables of measurements, etc.

Item #: B133
Description: The British Violin
2000, 416 pp., photos. Wonderfully illustrated.

Item #: BOOKT105
Universal bending iron for violin, viola, cello & guitar. Rheostat control. Cast aluminum oval shape, mounts horizontal or vertical. 110V, 200W. 4 lbs.

Item #: C144
Description: Le Celebrazione Stradivariane A Cremona 1937 - 1949
1996, 276 pp. English & Italian

Item #: C145
Description: Capolavori di Andrea Amati
1991, 96 pp. Italian text, partial English translation.

Item #: C150
Description: The Late Cremonese Violinmakers
A closer look at the Cremona makers after Carlo Bergonzi.

Item #: C152
Description: PRS Persoit - Jean Pierre Marie Persoit His Life and Work
A reprint and update from the 1st edition, including the origin of the PRS brandstamp and 46 bows by Persoit.

Item #: C153
Description: Cesare Candi I Liutai della Famiglia Candi
Written by the Genovese violinmaker Alberto Giordano, who co-authored with Eric Blot a volume dedicated to violinmaking in Liguria. Preface is by Giancarlo Guicciardi. 176 pages with text in Italian and English. Color illustrations of the following instruments made by Cesare Candi: 8 violins, 1 cello, 4 decorated instruments and by Oreste Candi: 3 violins.

Item #: C154
Description: La Bottega Dei Violini Carletti
The Carletti’s Violinmaking Workshop

Item #: C157
Description: Andrea Amati Opera Omnia - Les Violons Du Roi

Item #: D104
Description: The Voller Brothers
By John Dilworth, John Fairfax, & John Milnes.

Item #: E108
Description: Modern Violinmaking in the Emilia-Romagna Region
Salabue edition. A very fine new book. 300 pages.

Item #: F105
Description: Celeste Farotti "Portrait of a Violin Maker"
New edition with unedited photos.

Item #: G104
Description: The Luthiers Of The Marches
First translation of 1935 work by Gabrielli. 1999.

Item #: G105
Description: Ancient Luthiers Craft In Gorzia, the Pelizon Family
First English translation of 1939 work by Cossar. Soft cover, 1999.

Item #: G108-S
Description: I Centenari Dei Guarneri 1698-1998
Soft cover edition.

Item #: G109
Description: Ferdinando Garimberti
By Giorgio Grisales.

Item #: H100
Description: Meister Italienscher Geigenbaukunst. Master Italian Violin Makers
1993, 804 pp., photos. English, French & German.

Item #: H101
Description: German Violinmakers
1986, two volumes w/ photos.

Item #: H106
Description: Universal Dictionary Of Violin And Bow Makers

Item #: H111
Description: Italienische Violinen Des. 18 Jahrhunderts
2000, 165 pp., photos, illustrations. English & German.

Item #: H114
Description: The Violin Makers of the Guarneri Family
The famous 1980 edition, fine hardbound copies with original slip case and box. Just a few of these new copies left!!

Item #: H115
Description: Rare Italian Violins, Violas, & Violon-Cellos From The Emil Hermann Collection

Item #: I100
Description: Il Liutaio
60 pp., glossy stiff paper covers. English & Italian.

Item #: L100
Description: L'Esposizione Di Liuteria Antica A Cremona Nel 1937
164 pp, stiff paper cover. Reprint.

Item #: L103
Description: Les Violons Hotel de Ville de Paris
295 pp. English.

Item #: M101
Description: Augusto E Gaetano Pollastri, Liutai In Bologna. 1877/1960
1990, 90 pp. Italian & English.

Item #: M105
Description: Mostra Di Stradivari - Stressa - 1963
1996, 88 pp. Text English, Italian, German, French.

Item #: M107
Description: Three Sons Of The Langhe
1999 translation of the 1903 work by Romano Marengo.

Item #: M110
Sylvette Milliot

Item #: M111
Description: The Meisel Family - Violinmakers Klingenthal, Vogtland, Saxony
Meisel, K. Lothar, with Betty Voss.

Item #: N101
German text. Excellent color photos and understandable charts & tables with graduations.

Item #: N102
Description: The Violinmaker Cesare Candi And Paganani's Violin
First English translation of 1948 work. Black and white photos. 1999.

Item #: P100
Description: De Wiener Geigenbaum 19. Und 20. Jahrhundert
1979, 200 pp. German.

Item #: P102
Description: Antonio Stradivari
82 pages. Hardbound.

Item #: P104
Description: Joseph Guarnerius, His Work And His Master
220 pages.

Item #: P105
Description: Liutai Piemontesi Da Pressenda a Fagnola
Violinmakers from the Piedmont region - middle 1800’s to 1900’s. 88 pages, soft cover, English and Italian text, excellent photographs. Cremona 1997.

Item #: R106
Description: Renata Koeckert Stringed Instruments
20 rare instruments photographed, with history from Amati to Grand.

Item #: R109
Description: A Living Legacy - Historic Stringed Instruments At The Julliard School
Robinson, Lisa B.

Item #: R111
Description: I Capolavori Cremonesi Della Royal Academy of Music

Item #: R112
Description: The Great Russian Collection - The Stat Collection of Unique Musical Instruments

Item #: S100
Description: Seventh International Competition Of Violin Making "A Stradivari" 1994 7 Triennale. (Cremona Liuteria E Musica In Una Citta' D'Arte)
“A. STRADIVARI” 1994 7 Triennale. (Cremona: Liuteria E Musica in Una Citta’ D’Arte.) 1994, 84 pp., color & b/w photos. English & Italian.

Item #: S105
Description: Stradivari E La Liuteria Cremonese Dall Urss
1988. 144 pp., 180 color photos. Italian & English.

Item #: S117
Description: Marino Capicchioni E Marino Capichhioni Liutai
Sbrighi, Pio & Fegnani, Lorenzo