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Hacklinger Gauge
This tool makes possible the exact measurement of the thickness of surfaces, such as the tops of stringed instruments, that are difficult to access. It is accurate within 0.1 mm. Version "A" is for use on violins and violas, Version "B" is for violin - cello. The new Version "C" is improved for more general purpose measuring. It is the same as versions A & B, the range is from 1.0 to 8.0 mm. It has 1 magnet only, and a durable smooth cap - even rough surfaces or extensive use will not harm the gauge.
Hacklinger Gauge Version C. New model.
Measuring range 1 - 8 mm. One magnet:
Hacklinger Gauge Version D.
Measuring range 1 - 12 mm.
(This item replaces Hacklinger gauge Version A, which has been discontinued).

Mini Slide Caliper
Precision caliper for taking inside and outside measurements on small objects, models, veneers, etc. Its light weight and compact size make it ideal for measuring delicate objects. Stainless steel, deep-etched scale with 0.05 mm vernier. Measuring range up to 70 mm. Jaw length 19 mm, weight 23 g.


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Electronic Calipers
Measures up to 150 mm, jaw length
40 mm. Measures inside, outside & depth, with mm/inch option. Stainless steel beam & slide. 5 digit LCD display. Zeroing switch.

Electronic digital caliper, mesures up to 100 mm.

Dial Caliper

Large Calipers and Parts

0.10 mm graduation. 200 mm opening.
0.10 mm graduation. 300 mm opening.
Spare watch for #'s T005707101-103
Pin Head A (2 parts)
Pin Head B (2 parts). Pin Head A can be replaced by Pin Head B on German calipers only.

Juzek - assembled in USA.   Same German watch as T005707101, etc. Comes with Pin Head A not interchange-able). Use for violin AND cello!  32 cm throat.

Juzek - assembled in USA.  German watch.  Smaller version of #707100, with approx. 23 cm (9") throat.
Marking calipers.
707088 Caliper for measuring over the ribs - violin, viola, cello.
707001 String projection gauge with digital indicator. Violin / viola.  
707002 String projection gauge with digital indicator. Cello / bass.