Now Distributed Exclusively by Howard Core Company !

Howard Core Company is Proud to be the
Exclusive Distributor in North America
for Royal Oak Products!


Established in 1996, Royal Oak's German-made rosins and cleaners are fast becoming a favorite in the industry!  Rosins are all natural, non-allergenic, and engineered to be easy on the bow.  String cleaner is solvent-free and biodegradeable.  Follow the links below to see each product!
Rosinio Rosin - for the beginner, available for violin & cello
Classic Rosin - suitable for all musicians; light touch & perfect response; violin, viola, cello, & bass
Profi Line Rosin -designed for the frequent player; less frequent rosining, greater yield; clear, pure
                            tone; less bow abrasion = less string fouling; violin, viola, cello & bass
String Cleaner - available in 20 ml & 50 ml bottles; solvent-free and biodegradeable!!
Rosinio Rosin   Classic Rosin

Profi Line Rosin   String Cleaner